Helping addicted loved ones

We live in a society filled with addictions.  They aren't all drugs, or alcohol.  The addictions could be work, your phone, your relationships, money, and so on.  I think the major cause of that is that people are looking for something that gives them hope.  At least initially.  What those addictions end up doing, however, [...]

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Best left to the professionals?

Most people enjoy watching a fireworks display. It’s difficult to get through the fourth of July without hearing or seeing at least one celebratory explosion. Modern displays are not only visually exciting but many shows are now matched and timed with some moving musical piece.  They truly are amazing spectacles. With the availability of many [...]

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Our Highest Good – Developing a Vision #2

We recently sang a song at Church called the New Doxology.  Its not really new, its the same song that has been sung for years, but it adds a bridge that says "Praise God, praise God, praise God, Who saved my soul.  Praise God, praise God, praise God from Whom all blessings flow."  Great words. [...]

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Branded, it’s who we are

We’ve all been there at one time or another. Maybe it was the result of intentional attempts on your part to create an image or personae among your friends or coworkers. Or maybe it was the unintended, and many times unwelcomed, result of someone else labeling you. Either way, we’ve all experienced the effects of [...]

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Toward developing a vision for the Church #1

Over the next few newsletters I plan to address how to create a vision for the church.  This is part of what I love about ministry.  The first step in developing a good vision is to be able to articulate what we believe and function within that boundary.  I will call this first major step [...]

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