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Toward developing a vision for the Church #1

Over the next few newsletters I plan to address how to create a vision for the church.  This is part of what I love about ministry.  The first step in developing a good vision is to be able to articulate what we believe and function within that boundary.  I will call this first major step having a philosophy of ministry.  What is a philosophy of ministry? Do all churches have a philosophy ministry?  I think most churches have one whether by intuition or by deliberately developing one.  Whether deliberate or instinctual a Philosophy of ministry helps church leaders lead and develop a vision for church.  A philosophy concerns what we believe and directs what we do.  It answers the question of who, what, when, where, why, and how. The elders at Central Manor are currently revamping and developing some of those documents so that we can effectively plan ahead and lead the church.   My goal is to have something in place to present to the church by next spring.

The word “philosophy” can be a little bit intimidating, confusing, or boring because we aren’t philosophers we are Bible believers.  Some might be tempted to think that the church shouldn’t be philosophizing.  It might help to understand the word “philosophy.”  In our context a philosophy is “ the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group.”  Our ideas, beliefs, concepts, and attitudes will guide our church into what is the best way to accomplish our task.  Here are some basics to our philosophy.

1.    The Bible is our authority for what we believe and what we do.

2.    The highest good for our existence is to bring glory to God.

3.    We can glorify God as a church by making disciples for Jesus.

4.    Our steps to reach the goal of glorifying God as a church are outreach, worship, fellowship, training, and ministry.

In a statement, our simplified foundational philosophy will look something like this: Central Manor Church exist to glorify God by discipling our world for Jesus.  We plan to reach that goal in this church through outreach, worship, fellowship, training, and ministry.

While there is more to a philosophy, this is a good start.

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