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Helping addicted loved ones

We live in a society filled with addictions.  They aren’t all drugs, or alcohol.  The addictions could be work, your phone, your relationships, money, and so on.  I think the major cause of that is that people are looking for something that gives them hope.  At least initially.  What those addictions end up doing, however, is stealing hope away.  The void that people are filling was made to be filled with God.

I was able to sit in on a part of a seminar nearby last night.  There were speakers from America’s Keswick and Teen Challenge.  I heard something that is probably well known in the recovery world but I heard it for the first time.  When dealing with an addict you have to realize that 1. you didn’t cause it, 2. you can’t cure it, and 3. you can’t control it.  What you can do is intervene and direct that person to get help.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction seek out the appropriate help.  For further resources visit or

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