Developing a Vision #3 – How do we glorify God through the church?

Discipline is a necessary part of successful living.  If a person is not disciplined they will be forced to attend the school of hard knocks.  They will gain wisdom if they learn in that schooling.  Discipline involves gaining useful information and committing to living by it.  If a person is being taught a set of [...]

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The wrong nail for this wrench

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you must eat without utensils? I’m not talking about a sandwich or corn on the cob or the like that you typically eat with your hands. I mean a food that is difficult if not impossible to eat in a civilized manner without the aid of [...]

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Spiritual Care for the Sexually Broken

Last week several church leaders from our church attended a conference to help those who are sexually broken.  God created sex as a very good thing, but it has been twisted up into something it was never intended to be.  Those twisted ways always bring negative consequences.  They also bring situations that are very difficult [...]

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