The wrong nail for this wrench

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you must eat without utensils? I’m not talking about a sandwich or corn on the cob or the like that you typically eat with your hands. I mean a food that is difficult if not impossible to eat in a civilized manner without the aid of utensils. I remember one time that I had a pudding cup to eat for lunch but I had forgotten to pack a spoon. Whether it’s food or something else, we’ve all been there. Tools are useful and necessary. Many jobs cannot be effectively completed without tools.

The worship team ministry is similar to that. It is a job that requires tools to be effectively completed. However, the tools needed for this job or not only guitars, pianos, a computer, a sound board, etc. Members of the team are the most crucial and most important parts of the worship team. Truly, the team is only as good as its members. We have many people on the team and every one of them is a necessary and valuable part of the ministry.  Even so, there is always the need to grow. If you are not involved in another area of ministry and feel a desire for more information on the possibility of serving with the worship team please contact me.

Referring to the food analogy, not only do we need utensils, but we need the right utensils. The other day my family was eating chili for dinner. I looked over at my daughter and noticed she was eating her chili with a fork. After watching her take a few bites I finally asked “Why are you trying to use a fork to eat chili?“ She looked at me and responded simply, “I don’t like  spoons.” My daughter’s preference aside, we need the correct tool for the job. As it relates to the worship ministry, each area of service has its specific specialties and requirements. Obviously, someone interested in serving in a certain area must possess the necessary traits, qualities, and specialties to be successful and effective in that area. That’s not to say that everyone needs to be an expert or have extensive experience prior to serving. But it may mean that the person must be teachable and willing to learn.

Part of growing and serving in the church as part of the body of Christ is discovering where and how you can use the God-given abilities, skills, and gifting you possess to serve others effectively. Again, if you are not currently serving and would like to explore if the worship ministry would be a good fit, please contact me.




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