Current Happenings

So what’s been happening in worship and tech recently? Let me share a little bit…

Worship Evening

Last month I shared about the worship evening that we had on March 3rd. I just wanted to relate to those of you who missed it that it was a great evening! Thank you to everyone who came out and shared that time of corporate and personal worship. I’ve had many encouraging comments about the evening and to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts, the worship team is thankful and grateful for your encouragement. Our goal is that God is honored and glorified and hearing from all of you that the goal is being accomplished is a blessing. Almost every comment was followed by a request to plan more worship evenings and I’ll take this opportunity to say we will be planning more worship evenings in the future. I’ll also share that your attendance and participation is going to be the determining factor as to whether we continue to plan them or not. So, if you all continue to support it and find it a beneficial time to gather and worship, we will be happy to accommodate. Next time consider inviting some friends! It’s always better with even more voices joined together praising our Lord!

Upgrades and Improvements

This month I thought I’d give you all a brief overview of a few of the happenings within the “worship and technology” realm. I’ll begin with one of the more visible upgrades. A few weeks ago, our rear projector quit on us. With council’s approval, I took the opportunity to upgrade our confidence monitor set-up. Our projection computer has been upgraded, and instead of having a large screen at the back of the balcony, we now have a TV monitor mounted to the balcony front wall. I’ve also recently upgraded a few of our wireless mics due to new FCC regulations. Based on new bans on certain wireless frequencies we were required to turn in some of our wireless units and purchase new compliant ones. During sound system maintenance we’ve recognized some other additions that we most likely will be making in the not to distant future. Samtronics Plus did some system repairs and upgrades for us a few years ago. They were in checking a few things for us in mid-March. Based on their recommendations we will likely be planning to add some necessary equipment including a couple more house speakers, and another driverack management unit. We will continue discussions and determine the best route to take as we all agree that we need to do what we can to provide the highest quality sound reinforcement possible. In that same determination to use available equipment to best minister, you may have seen all the new TV’s in the children’s ministry wing. Thanks to John Swanson and Mat Kautz, we purchased and installed TV’s and BluRay players for each of the children’s classrooms in preparation for embarking on the Gospel Project curriculum.

Communications and Creative

Another recent development that many of you will soon become acquainted with is the implementation of our Mass Communications policy. This is going to be our policy and guideline on how we go about communicating publicly through all the various forms; print, electronic, social media, etc. We will be distributing this to all our committees, so everyone can read, understand, and begin using the guidelines.

The Creative Design Team has also been working on the creative elements we’ve planned to support and creatively reinforce our Easter services as well as the next upcoming sermon series. In the coming months you may begin hearing about the plans for next years Good Friday event. It will be a sizable endeavor, but one that promises to be memorable and impactful.



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