The church and Social Media: Hitting the reset button

Things change. It’s one thing we can all count on. When it comes to technology and social media, things change at a rapid pace. In the not so distant past a good number of people were seeing our posts. In their Facebook news feeds each week our posts were commonly included. It wasn’t uncommon for more than 200 people to see our weekly sermon video posting. Now, it’s not that 200 people were clicking the link to watch the sermon video, however at least all those people saw the posting and had the opportunity to click and watch.

Hitting reset

This year, Facebook hit the “reset” button. Starting in late January, Facebook made changes. They are now attempting to determine what posts and with what frequency posts are seen in all our personal news feeds. They are making a push to make their users experience more about connecting with friends. This means less ads and promotions from business and organizations. Given that it is “social media” that’s great, but it hasn’t been great for our church postings. It has become increasingly important that our own church members and attendees take an active role in helping more people see the posts and sermon links. This includes anyone who has “liked” and “followed” our church Facebook page.

What has happened is that the Facebook algorithms see that when Central Manor Church makes posts we are an organization, not a person. Therefore, the algorithm is determining that our posts are not as valuable, necessary, or desirable to post into each of your news feeds. The result is that we go from more than 200 or 300 seeing our posts to 20 or 30.  The only way for this trend to turn around is for our own people to “like”, “share”, comment on posts, etc.

What can we do?

Engagement with the posts is what can turn things around. It will tell the Facebook algorithm that you all care about what the church posts. Engagement will signal that you think the posts are worth showing to others. Do you feel more people would benefit from the happenings and Bible teaching going on at Center Manor? If so, “like”, “share”, comment, and help spread the word in the digital realm.



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