A New Team

Task force to Team

We have a new official team, or committee if you prefer that term. In July council approved making the Creative Design Team an official team. As some may know, this team was originally formed as a task force by Pastor Ed Rosenberry for the planning of the Christmas season services and events.

I quickly recognized the benefits of the team and decided to keep the group together to help plan and design creative elements of our special services and events through the year. Additionally, this team develops ideas for creative elements to use during the sermon series.


Graphics and design, the look and feel of our materials partners closely with the look and feel of our facilities. It may seem like a word that doesn’t have a place in ministry, but the truth is that we have a brand. Branding is simply the impression our church gives to the community as well as how visitors and attenders perceive us as an organization. That being the case, it became obvious that our group would be the logical home of what used to be the “Building Appeal” group.

Enhance, Inspire, Communicate

Moving forward we will endeavor to use creative elements and design to enhance, inspire, communicate, and support the ministry here at Central Manor Church.




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