Becoming a Welcoming Church

One of our greatest strengths as a church is that we are a family and a place where everyone can attend and feel like they are with family.  One of the greatest weaknesses as a church is that we are family.  How can this be? Thom Rainer in his book “Becoming a Welcoming Church” shows through his research that many churches that are warm and friendly are not necessarily so to visitors.  While we might do a handshake time, and people are warmly greeting each other, it might not be the case that visitors feel that warmth the same way.  He mentions that many church people find it difficult to break away from their “holy huddle” to greet and warmly welcome guests.  While I think we do an exceptional job at Central Manor you would do well to read this book and apply some of its principles so that we as a church are growing in our ability to reach the people of our community.  Please sign up in the lobby to order your copy today.

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