Level up – Level up is our way to help people engage at our church.  There are three levels to help each attender/member to engage more deeply with our church

  • Level #1 is the level where people attend, worship, and generally get involved in our church. Every attender is at level #1
  • Level #2 is where a person can begin to engage in ministry at our church. It involves taking a class which will be offered up to two times a year.  This winter the class will run from January 27-March 3.  It is designed to be a gateway through which people can get involved and, if desired, how to join.  The class will review who we are, what we believe, and where we are headed.  We will take time to discuss our vision, and our mission as a church.  We also plan to review our history, our distinctives, and leadership structure.   We will also present small groups, Bible studies, and groups that can be joined.  Level #2 would also include a class for baptism for those who want to be baptized. Simply stated, this class is for people who want to know more about our church, who want to get more involved, or who want to become a member of the church.  Every person who wants to engage at our church should go through this class which will be offered once or twice a year.  A commitment to level #2 should encourage you to enter Level #3.
  • Level #3 is where you have an opportunity to make a deeper commitment to our church. It involves going through level 2, joining the church, becoming a part of a leadership team or committee, or possibly becoming a part of the church leadership. Each of these opportunities in level #3 has a corresponding requirement and training.  For instance, to be on the music team a person should go through level #2 and enter into level #3 by whatever training is required by the worship leader, or to be a deacon or elder a person must go through a training about those positions.
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