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Hello friends! The Creative Design Team exists to inspire, communicate, and support the ministry of Central Manor Church. We do so through creative planning and design.

Splashes of Color

I’m sure you’ve all noticed one of the most recent projects CDT is working on, a moderate update or “refreshing” of our church lobby. The intent was not to completely overhaul the look of our lobby but to freshen it up a bit by adding accents of color. In the lower lobby, these color accents help visual direct people’s focus. Whether it’s to the Welcome Center area or the grey wall drawing people toward the Sanctuary or the Fellowship hall, the colors draw attention.

The updates to the lobby are not yet finished. The lobby carpet is showing significant wear and, in some spots, causing potential trip hazards. For this reason, the church council in the fall of 2018 directed CDT to replace the lobby carpeting. Like the theory behind the wall coloring, the carpeting has been designed and chosen to add color, texture, and visual direction. There will be areas were the existing carpet that is still in good shape will remain and others where new carpet will be installed.

We were at the mercy of the manufacturer’s production and shipping schedules, so we won’t see the carpet get installed until just before or after Easter.

Here’s your sign

Another project that is still in the planning phase is that of signage. We recognize the need for good signage around our facilities. Imagine being a first time or new attender at our church. You have no history at the church, and you know few people in the church. Walking into our building and finding your way around can be a bit confusing. Truthfully, we have heard many times comments from people who were unsure which doors to enter to get into our building! We are working to develop better parking lot signage as well as additional signage inside our facility.

A Chameleon is hard to spot

The physical identification and visibility of our church is another improvement we have planned for this year. For those of you who are not at the church building during the week, you would be surprised how often we hear that our church is hard to identify. Often we hear that people drive right past our building. Due to its construction our building looks far too similar to the elementary school just across the street. We have been mistaken as another school building. In the winter it may not seem to be so bad, but during the rest of the year the two large trees at the front of the sanctuary completely cover the steeple. We tested it last year when the trees were in full leaf and it is absolutely possible to drive by, see the trees, but never see the steeple!  That’s just one example of outside identification that we hope to improve.

Again, for those of you who have grown up in this church or been here for many years, you’ve probably never even thought there could be a challenge with visibility. The truth is that visibility is a challenge and we need to seek to improve it as part of our service and stewardship.

Bricks and bowls

Another aspect of CDT is special events and staging décor. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the block “wall” at the front of the stage for the “A Strong Foundation” sermon series. Each week another “block” is added. CDT hopes to add visual elements, even if they are small and as simple as a few “blocks”, to help reinforce the message of the sermons and promote retention of the information.

Additionally, we have been working and planning for “The Jesus Story” Easter walk-through event for many months. If you haven’t signed up for a time slot or would like more information on that event, click here.


Almighty God, the Creator and Sustainer, creates with beauty in both form and function. May we do well to creatively imitate Him to serve and minister well and point people to Him!


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