Church Library

Our church has a library that gets used quite frequently; however, it could be used even more. You may be wondering, “Where is it?” Well, it’s downstairs in the hallway where the staff offices are located. You will find that it has a treasure trove of delights just waiting to be read or seen by you! Very often when Pastor Scott mentions a book during his sermon, we have it in the library!

Subjects include adult fiction (the biggest category in the library), family, Christian living, contemporary issues, missions, biographies, classics, study, biblical topics, devotionals, children’s (the second largest category), teens/young adults, & dvds & audios. The library is self-serve to those who attend Central Manor. You just sign your name on the card & stamp the date on it as well as the item & then place the card in the cup. We request that you return it within two weeks or re-sign it out.

If you have questions or need help, you can contact Janelle Funk or talk with someone in the church office.

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