Spring Brings Changes

Over the past two years I have developed and led our council through a process in developing a strategic plan.  The outcome of that plan is that we now have an active vision for our church which includes short term, medium range term, and long term goals.  Few of them are set in stone.  These goals are part of an actively changing and growing vision for our future as a church.  Two focuses in this vision deal with 1. the work of the ministry and developing ministries, and 2. The church property which has an impact on the future work of the ministry.

We are excited to let you know about some plans that are happening soon, and some that are happening over a longer period.

  1. The building and grounds committee is actively involved with making final arrangements to replace the auditorium roof, and the parsonage roof.  They are also making final arrangements for installing air conditioning in the fellowship hall.  This will enhance our opportunities for ministry especially considering the increased use of the fellowship hall for Sunday Schools, and family worship.  Please read the building and grounds update for information about this and more below.

  2. The Church council has approved of a task force to look at improving our facilities so that we can increase in ministry both now and beyond our lifetime.  A special task force has been given the job of evaluating the church property and coming up with a plan to address the issues of accessibility, adaptability, visibility, and usability.  The council has appointed Mark Harris to head this up and to build a team with men and women from the church that have expertise in the trades and in finances to look at our facilities with an eye to possibly building and addition to our building in order to meet the needs of our church and to enhance our ministry.  As part of the council’s directive they will be taking time to seek feedback from our church family on how to address our objectives.

God is at work at Central Manor!  Please continue to Pray that God would lead us in the way we should go.

Pray First!

Pastor Scott

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