Assistant Pastor of Connections and Operations

Dear Church family,

I want to let you know about an opportunity that the leadership is considering.  Council has approved a job description to hire an assistant pastor to cover operations and connections.  The job description would have to be approved at our annual business meeting to move ahead in a search for the right person.

There are many reasons why I believe this would be a good move to make.  I will make a few.

The Senior Pastor often becomes distant and impersonal as churches grow.  We have had and expect more growth.  As the church grows the demands increase and the Pastor often becomes too busy to be real and relational.  This position would allow the Pastor to do what God has gifted him to do and to stay in the Word, in prayer, and in ministry.

This position would deal with most of the busy work that the Pastor tends to get drawn into.  Coordinating events, writing communications to the church, creating and maintaining databases, staying up to date with current laws, keeping ministries manned and running smoothly, creating and maintaining small groups, creating and maintaining Bible studies, and prayer groups, etc.…  This assistant pastor covering these tasks would keep the Senior Pastor from losing a close relationship with the people of the church.

Also, as new people consider and commit to attending our church, they begin to look for ways to connect.  Connection points need to be created and maintained.  While the current staff could do all of this, we don’t have enough time to add this to our plate.  We need to create a place for new and not so new people to connect and minister.

This is a large job description.  In the past we hired people full time to do half of this work.  Recently we had two secretaries, a part time finance person, music people, assimilation Pastor, a youth Pastor, and a Senior Pastor.  This would combine a couple of those jobs into one.

This job will require the expertise, authority, and training of someone on the pastoral staff.  It demands the person to be mature, gifted, detailed, and an excellent communicator.

This position should benefit the rest of the staff, the elders, deacons, and leaders in the church.  It would increase the margins for all the Pastors and staff.   We have greatly increased our output of weekly work here over the past two years.  Our margins to be able to do the extra work, fine tuning work, communication work, and adding important activities to our schedules has shrunk.  We continue to do our jobs but are at a point where we need to increase our ability to focus on the most important parts of what we were hired to do.

This position will also help us plan for growth by expanding our threshold of leadership, ministry, communication, and efficiency.  This is a wise way to be good stewards of what God has placed in our care.

Some ways this position will help us as a church

  1. Identify new families and connect them to the church

  2. Expand current ministries by expanding the ability of pastors/staff to do more

  3. Create ministries that are necessary for our future

  4. Increase margins of productivity for pastors, staff, and church leadership

  5. Increase communication between ministries and to the church

  6. Increase confidence in utilizing technology with finances and tracking guests which would increase our ability to create focused groups and reports.

  7. Help this church cross the 350-attendance threshold by expanding our processes of getting things done

  8. Help the Senior Pastor to unify the staff and leadership behind the vision of the church

  9. Keep the Senior Pastor from being pulled away from his gifting

  10. Provide technical expertise with knowledge of computer programs, finances, and organization

  11. Stay up to date with legal matters

  12. Develop connection groups, small group Bible studies, track guests, and prayer groups

  13. Provide pastoral oversight over the use of and care of the facilities

  14. Better coordinate ministries and activities

  15. Do the busy office type of work that the Pastor can so easily get caught up in

Thank you for taking time to read this.  Please come to me with your questions.  Copies of the job description are at the information table.  Pray First!

Pastor Scott

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