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The holiday season has officially arrived!

Dear Church family, The holiday season has officially arrived!  This is a great time of celebration for us at Central Manor.  We have several opportunities for meaningful celebration.  We will embrace this gladly and desire that others would join with us.   This is an important [...]

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Central Manor Church has been an important part of this community for 125 years.  We will be celebrating all those years during 2020.  We are planning a special weekend and will give you more details later.  SAVE the DATE:  August 1 and 2.  Also we [...]

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Spiritual Discipline – Worship

Relationships are many things. No two are the same but all relationships have at least one thing in common. Relationships are “messy”. The closer the relationship the “messier” it is. More is expected and more is required. The closer the friendship, the more hurt a [...]

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