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The holiday season has officially arrived!

Dear Church family,

The holiday season has officially arrived!  This is a great time of celebration for us at Central Manor.  We have several opportunities for meaningful celebration.  We will embrace this gladly and desire that others would join with us.   This is an important part of carrying out God’s mission for us.  The reason for this letter is to ask you to give some consideration to those who will visit with us over the next couple of months.  We want all who enter to feel warmly welcomed and given an opportunity to join in worshiping God with us.

  1. Please consider sitting toward the front of the sanctuary and consider sliding toward the middle instead of sitting on the ends of the pews. When guests come into the sanctuary, they will look for a place to sit.  We want guests to easily find a place to sit.

  2. If we have a Sunday with a high attendance it might be helpful to consider utilizing the fellowship hall for participating in worship. We will have a leader there to make sure everyone gets a bulletin and take offering and to generally facilitate the use of the room.

  3. Please consider parking in the furthest spots in the parking lot so that those who have difficulty navigating or those who are guests can readily find a place to park.

  4. Go out of your way to be on the lookout for guests and greet them. There is a gift and further information at the welcome center.

  5. Keep in mind that the back row of the sanctuary is for those with accessibility issues or to park a walker or wheelchair.

  6. Greeters who are scheduled need to be extra careful not to get caught up in conversations with members and attenders. You need to be alert so you can notice guests entering the Church building.

In carrying out God’s mission to make more and better disciples we must give a lot of attention to helping guests feel accepted to worship God with us.  Also, be in prayer that God would prosper us.

Pray First!

Pastor Scott

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