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Worship, Tech, and the Mission

Our mission at Central Manor Church is to love and obey God, love and serve people. One of the ways utilized by Central Manor Church to help accomplish that mission is the job of Worship and Technology Director in which I, Jason, currently serve. In this article I’ll attempt to shed some light on how this position seeks to help the church accomplish its mission.

Worship encompasses all aspects of our lives. That being said, the local church seeks to aid, assist, equip, and facilitate an atmosphere and environment where the gathered church can express their praise and worship to God in spirit and in truth and deepen their relationship with the Creator and with the community of believers. The Worship and Technology Directors primary responsibilities all point to that goal.

I take everyone on the worship team through a book by Bob Kauflin, “Worship Matters”. It is a great book describing many reasons behind what we do and why we do it. For the Worship and Technology Director seeking to carry out the mission of Central Manor Church, I believe the goal of all the responsibilities put together are well described by Kauflin’s definition of what a “worship leader” does. He writes,

“A faithful worship leader magnifies the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit by skillfully combining God’s Word with music, thereby motivating the gathered church to proclaim the gospel, to cherish God’s presence, and to live for God’s glory.” (p.55)

There are so many things that could be expounded on here. How does one evaluate the effectiveness of a worship service? Is it just that things went as planned? Or is it whether the songs [insert name] likes were sung? Or was it that the service made me feel good or that it took no more than one hour? Or the lighting wasn’t too dark and the sound system too loud? Or, is it successful if we’ve kept our specific local church tradition intact? In fact, the question that leads to one of the primary goals is one that Bob Kauflin words very well; “Will our time together cause people’s view of, trust in, and desire for God’s glory in Christ and him crucified to increase?” (p.79)

There are many “behind the scenes” aspects we could look into but I’m not confident that would be of interest to most people. But there is one area that involves just about everyone, namely the gathering of the local church. I’ll use this excerpt from the book in reference to the aspect that everyone sees the most, serving the gathered church. Kauflin writes,

“On Sundays God wants to us to do more than sing songs together and have wonderful worship experiences. He wants us to knit the fabric of our lives together. For many, church has become all about me – what I’m learning, what I’m seeking, what I’m desperate for, what I need, how I’ve been affected, what I can do. We see ourselves as isolated individuals all seeking personal encounters with God, wherever we can find them. Sadly, this reflects our individualistic, me-obsessed culture. Rather than seeing ourselves as part of a worship community, we become worship consumers. We want worship on demand, served up in our own way, at our own time, and with our own music. How do we counter that? David Peterson tells us: Vitality and meaning will not be restored to Christian gatherings until those who lead and those who participate can recover a biblical perspective on their meetings, seeing them in relation to God’s total plan and purpose for his people.” (p.126-127)

Ultimately, the Worship and Technology Director is a position of “helps”. It’s all about helping the church through service planning, scheduling, training, facilitating, worshiping through song, communications, etc…. all to assist in God getting more glory and the people deepening their relationship with God and with His church.

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