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Missions Team Update February 2020

Spotlight on Darlene Weidman


2020 will be my 36th year of service with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Central Manor Church of God has partnered with me from the beginning of my service.

Here is a little timeline of my assignments and the work that I did and am doing.

1984 – 2003 – Computer Typesetting Specialist

I prepared literacy materials and Scripture portions for printing. This was done in 27 Ghanaian languages, using computerized processes. I designed various office stationery (e.g. Letterheads, business cards, receipts, etc.) I also typeset 2 Scripture New Testament’s.



2004 – 2008 – Bookkeeper / Receptionist Manager / Office Supply Manager / Computer support

Wycliffe Northeast Regional Office, Willow Street, Pennsylvania





2009 – 2017 – Americas Area Publications Coordinator