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CMC operations – COVID-19 update

These are unprecedented times, however we are striving to keep you informed and connected. We may not be able to meet together as a group during this time, but we are still the church! Until further notice our Sunday services will be moved online.


Sunday: 8:15am, 10:45am, 1:00pm


Social distancing doesn’t mean we disconnect from each other

You can join us online at one of the service times by going to

This online platform allows us to show video for the service but also allows for interaction with attenders that are tuned in. There is a chat window next to the video window where everyone attending has the opportunity to interact with each other and the Pastors. If you have a private prayer request or want to chat privately with a Pastor, there is a button there to accommodate that as well.

We know the closure of businesses is effecting everyone, but some are going to be struggling financially. If you find yourself in that position we don’t want you to feel pressured or obligated to give. However if you are still able and you want to worship through giving, our digital giving portals are always open. You can give through the link on the website, through the icon on our church app, or through text message (text “cmcog” to 77977). Additionally, for those who don’t wish to use digital giving, “drive through” tithes and offerings are being collected between 9:30am and 10:45am on Sunday mornings.

You will also have the opportunity to view a couple baptisms this Sunday, March 22nd. Pastor Scott is planning on going Live on Facebook at noon so that the church can celebrate the baptisms.

Sunday school through Live

During the normal Sunday school hour at 9:30am, Pastor Jeremy is scheduled to teach, also through Facebook Live. If you currently do not use Facebook, now is a good time to create an account! If you are already a Facebook user, make sure that you “like” and “follow” the Central Manor Church main page and allow notifications. Then you will notified any time we go “live”.

Another way we plan to use Facebook Live is for devotionals. Each evening, starting March 23rd, the Pastors plan to do a Facebook live session at 7:30pm using the Gospel Project daily lesson devotional. We encourage you to connect through this avenue as well.

Church business updates

The elders wanted to share with you where the business side of church operations stand at the moment. 80% of our church spending is fixed. We are not shut down and we continue business and expenditures as was planned. The office staff are still working. Pastor John Jewers is still scheduled to officially begin work April 1st, although he has already begun being a part of discussions and planning. Ministry rooms within the church are still being worked on, cleaned out, and prepared to better meet our ministry needs once we can all gather together again.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. Likewise, we continue to support and pray for you! If you have a need or know of a need during this time, please let us know.

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