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Exciting new opportunites

In years past, a church’s effective reach was basically confined to the community in which they were located.

However, we’ve seen a major change in communication in recent years.

This year alone has forced many churches into the challenge of figuring out how to minister in a meaningful way through digital formats. As we navigate these new challenges, we are forced to be creative and think differently than we have in the past. Like that old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” While we aren’t inventing anything, we are certainly utilizing resources we hadn’t seen the need for just a short time ago.


The word “production” is confusing to most people when it’s attached to church ministries. To put it simply it is all the supportive infrastructure and accoutrements used to support and deliver the ministry. For example, sound systems are included in production. Many years back there were those questioning the need for sound reinforcement. However, as someone with vision accurately stated, “we’ve got the greatest message ever to tell people, it’s our responsibility to make sure they hear it!”

We’ve been using production elements for years now, including our sound system, media system (presentations), stage lighting, and video recording. I recently found some items from years past that our church has used. They are antiquated now, but at the time, our church was using current technology to assist in ministry…and we are still doing that!

The shift this year is having to produce good quality video recordings for the online church setting. You may say, “we’ve been recording, why not stick with what we have?” I understand that thought, and I also agree that we aren’t trying to be someone else or something we’re not… but there are two primary reasons we need to up our quality online…

  1. For those who view and worship with us online, they aren’t getting the full “in-person” experience that truly is a strength of our church. We need to strive to offer online ministry to more closely reflects who we really are and engages with those who may only ever connect with us digitally.
  2. Churches aren’t really in competition with each other, however once someone is simply looking for a church service to partake of online, we are just one of many, many choices! Generally, people today are conditioned to expect high quality production in the media they view. For churches online, this means that regardless of church size and budgets, people will gravitate towards connecting with online services that are of a relatively acceptable level of quality.

What is our plan?

The leadership here at Central Manor Church recognizes these challenges and felt the leading to take steps to better and more effectively minister in this newly opened ministry field. Over the next few months we will be upgrading our video & sound recording and editing capabilities, in short, our production.

This is exciting on many levels. One, the potential for ministry impact is huge. When we had to go to just meeting online for a few months we actually saw new people “attending” our church! Just imagine, when the restraints of physical location are removed, how many people we can minister to!

Second, this increased production capability opens up more areas for volunteers to serve, minister, and ultimately play a pivotal role in others being strengthened in their relationship with Christ or coming to faith in Christ!

I know many of you are thinking, “I’m not technologically savvy enough to serve in any of those opportunities.” To that I would say, don’t write it off so quickly! While prior experience is always welcomed, we would train you to operate the equipment. Most of the opportunities do not require those who are highly computer savvy!

Most of you can use Microsoft Word, surf the internet, use Facebook and YouTube…and if you can do those things then you have enough technical knowledge to begin!

Test drive…kick the tires…

And, you can check things out with no commitment required if you are unsure. So, whether you’re ready to commit to reaching people and serving in this capacity, or you are just curious and want to see if it is a good fit for you, please click here and fill out the form to let me know some basic information as we begin preparing to enter this mission field together!

Thank you and God bless!


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