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Sermon Outline September 20, 2020

September 20, 2020

Two Roads

Matthew 7:13-14

            The wide road leads to____________, and____________ enter through it.

            The____________ road leads to life.

Two Characters

Luke 16:19

            The rich man had great____________, and lived a____________   lifestyle.

Luke 16:20-21

            Lazarus lived in extreme____________, and suffered__________.

A Reversal

Luke 16:22

            Lazarus is now in the highest place of____________.

 Luke 16:23

            The rich man is in torment in____________.

Luke 16:25

            In his lifetime, the rich man experienced____________ ____________, and now he is  in____________.

            In his lifetime Lazarus experienced____________ ____________, and now receives____________.

Luke 16:27

            The rich man is now the____________.

John 14:1-6



Which road are you on?


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