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Sermon Outline September 27, 2020

Central Manor Church                  September 27, 2020

Ephesians 6:1-9

Submit to each other #2

I.            Children

A.          Obey your parents in the Lord V.1

B.          Honor your parents V.2

C.          This command comes with promises V.3

II.           Fathers

A.          In the process of raising your children be careful not to be overbearing V.4a

B.          Instruct them in God’s way V.4b

III.         Bondservants V.5-7

A.          Obey their master V.5-7

B.          Their motivation was knowing that God would bless them V.8

IV.         Masters V.9

A.          Treat your servants the same way they are told to treat you

Application questions:

1)   What can I know about God’s will for me in this passage?

2)   Can I encourage someone else with what is in this passage?

3)   What is my attitude toward those in authority?

4)   Are there some areas of change that need to take place in my life in interacting with others?

5)   How do I treat those under my authority?

6)   How can I put my struggles with being mutually submissive into perspective?

Conclusion: While some aspects of life can be very difficult, they do not compare to the riches that God has for you in eternity.

Proposition: Walk in the Spirit by following God’s design for submitting to each other.

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