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Sermon Outline November 15, 2020

Central Manor Church                  November 15, 2020

Hymn and Response

Colossians 1:15-23

I.           Sing of the Supremacy of Christ 15-20

A.         Jesus is Lord of the first creation 15-16

1.          He is the image of the invisible God 15

2.          He is the firstborn of all creation 15

3.          He created all things 16

B.         He holds all things together 17-18a

C.         New creation 18-20

1.          He is the beginning 18

2.          He is the firstborn from the dead 18

3.          He maintains the fullness of God 19

4.          He is the one who reconciles all things to himself 20

II.          Respond to the supremacy of Christ 21-23

A.          Remember who you once were 21

B.          Realize who you now are through Jesus, the supreme one 22

C.          Live in the faith 23

Faithfully live for Christ the Supreme One!

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