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Sermon Outline December 6, 2020

Central Manor Church                     December 6, 2020

Faithfully serve Jesus

Colossians 2:6-15


I.           Maintain faithfulness in service to Jesus 6-7

A.          Stay rooted in Christ 7

B.          Continue to be built up in Christ 7

C.          Remain established in the faith 7

D.          Abound in thanksgiving 7

II.          Do not be taken captive by the thinking of the day 8-10 –

A.          Be alert to wrong teaching 8a

B.          Identify false teachers 8b

C.          Know the full deity of Christ 9

D.          Realize the believer’s participation in Christ 10-15

1.           You are filled in Him 10

2.           You are dedicated to Him 11-13a

3.           You are alive with Him 13b-15a

4.           The enemies of your salvation have been defeated 15b

Conclusion: Stay faithful to Jesus considering all He has done for you!


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