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Sermon Outline December 13, 2020

Central Manor Church                              December 13, 2020

Faithfully serve Jesus

Colossians 2:16-23

Main idea: Faithfully live for Jesus by not following false religious or ceremonial practices.

Do not allow legalism to replace Jesus 16-17

A.           Explain: Legalism is a commitment to the letter of the law without a commitment to the reason for the  law. They are rules taken out of their context.

B.           Legalism of the Old testament Dietary laws. See 1Tim. 4:3

C.           Legalism about the Old Testament special days Laws. See Romans 14:5

D.          “In Christ you are already as close to God as anyone can ever be.”  Mike Q. Daniel

II.           Do not allow mysticism to replace Jesus 18-19

A.           Self-humiliation

B.           Worship of angels

C.           Visionary experiences

III.          Do not allow asceticism replace Jesus. 20-23 Do not allow the strict regulations of others replace your  submission to Jesus – human traditions

A.           Explain asceticism: It is the fraudulent idea that celebrates physical self-denial. It is what happens when legalism and mysticism are combined together.

B.           Do not submit to human regulations. See 2 Tim 3:5, Romans 8:3-4

Jesus is enough! Stay faithful to Him!

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