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Secret Church on Friday, April 23

Why Secret Church by Sarah Maughan

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about Secret Church 21. I am pumped that Central Manor is hosting it and I hope you’ll come! If you’ve missed all the promo material so far, in a nutshell Secret Church is an intensive six-hour study of Scripture led by David Platt, via livestream with believers around the world. This year’s focus is on “The Great Imbalance,” which will focus on the fulfilment of the great commission. You should come for three reasons:

1) If you’ve missed our annual mission conference in the last few years, this will be a prelude to our next conference! The theme of the Great Imbalance will give you a great introduction for where our mission team hopes to see our church focus in the future.

2) I promise it will be a fun experience. If six hours sounds exhausting, just remember there will be pizza and endless coffee, you’ll get breaks, and when you get to the end, you’ll have a much better grasp of missions and have a sense of camaraderie with your fellow Secret Church goers. Plus, if you need to leave early, no one will stop you from sneaking out.

3) Lastly, this is a unique and valuable experience. I’ve done several before and each has had an immense impact on my understanding of Scripture and been both encouraging and convicting. You also get to keep the study guide which is your interactive record of the night and is packed with verses and quotes that you can review in the future.

Please sign up for this event early so we can get you a book and order enough pizza.

At $5/person or $15/family, there is almost no reason not to come!

You can register on the church website. Find a babysitter, wear your comfy clothes, and plan to immerse yourself in God’s word with us on Friday, April 23rd!

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