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sermon outline 4/25/2021

Central Manor Church                 Authentic Christians

April 25, 2021                                          James 1:19-27


Big Idea: Authentic Christians Hear and Do the Word of God

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.  (James 1:22 ESV)

#1 – Our A__________ towards God’s Word

Arguing with God’s Word (examples):

We should have an attitude of h__________ and s____________.

Application: Do you ever argue with God’s word?

What is an area that is hard for you to accept?


#2 – Our A__________ to God’s Word

How is God’s word like a mirror?

How can we “look intently” into God’s Word?

“The Perfect Law that gives Freedom”

Freedom is the a________ to be who we were c_________ to be.

Example: Oil in Car

Example: Goldfish


Do you have people who help you live out God’s commands?


#3 – Our A__________ in Response to God Word?

Religion that is pleasing to God includes:

  • C____ for those in Need 2) Personal P________

God’s concern for People in the Old Testament:

  1. A) P_____ / O__________ B) F__________ among them

  1. C) O__________ D) W_________

Matthew 5 –

Matthew 25 –

Application: Where do you need to focus?

How can you care for those in need?

How can you grow in personal holiness?

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