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sermon outline 5/2/2021

Central Manor Church    There’s No Shortcut to Authentic Christianity

2 Peter 1:1-15

 We’re often prone to seek the easiest and most efficient path to success, and there are plenty of people willing to provide shortcuts and their own personal methods, but is there a shortcut or secret method to authentic Christianity?

Rather than looking for shortcuts, Christians ought to pursue a lifetime of Christ-centered thinking and living. How do we do that?

  • Consider Your Salvation (1-4)

    • It is secure in Christ.

    • It enables us to live a godly life.

  • Cultivate Virtue (5-9)

    • What is Virtue?

      • Virtue is characterized as “behavior showing high moral standards.”

    • Why should we cultivate Virtue?

      • God’s divine power has enabled us.

      • As we come to know Jesus better, we become more like him.

    • What if we don’t?

      • It signifies disregard of the work of Christ in our lives.

    • Confirm Your Calling (10-11)

      • Grace should not lead to moral relaxation but intense effort.

      • Godly living both confirms our faith and protects us from false teaching.

    • Repeat (12-15)

      • Don’t get tired of hearing this message.

      • Remind yourself regularly of these truths.

Authentic Christianity is a lifetime pursuit of the knowledge of God and godly living enabled by Jesus Christ.


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