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sermon outline 5/23/2021

Central Manor Church                                  May 23, 2021 Luke 10:25-37 (ESV) Authentic Christians love their neighbor I.  Question 1: a lawyer tried to test Jesus by asking him a question of salvation. V.25 II.  Answer 1 is question 2: Jesus answered by asking the lawyer [...]

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sermon outline 5/16/2021

Central Manor Church                                  May 16, 2021 Galatians 5:16–26 (ESV) Authentic Christians walk by the Spirit Introduction: Flesh vs. Spirit I.  Walking by the Spirit will keep you from indulging in the flesh 16-21 A. Walking by the Spirit or walking in the flesh [...]

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What We Learned at Secret Church by Jim Doman

Multitudes of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world were gathering in worship and prayer at the very hour we met on Friday, April 23rd. Many identified with Christ at the risk of their own lives, hence the name Secret Church. We dove [...]

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Church Membership by Pastor Steve Scoffone

In the Bible, the church is called the Bride of Christ. Jesus loves the church and gave His life for her. We believe that church membership is an important part of being a disciple. If you have been attending our church and are starting to [...]

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sermon outline 5/9/2021

Central Manor Church                                  May 9, 2021 The satisfied life Introduction: I.  Godliness with contentment is much gain (1Tim 6:1–10) II. Your time and location were set by God (Deuteronomy 32:8. Acts 17:24) III. Live a peaceful, quiet, and godly life (1Tim 2:1-4) IV. [...]

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Campus Expansion by Pastor Scott Davis

We are excited about the future. We believe God will use us for an even greater harvest. Our Leadership is asking you to pray about our Campus Expansion plans. Council will soon be affirming the direction we want to go.  The Campus Expansion team, Lord [...]

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