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sermon outline 5/16/2021

Central Manor Church                                  May 16, 2021

Galatians 5:16–26 (ESV)

Authentic Christians walk by the Spirit

Introduction: Flesh vs. Spirit

I.  Walking by the Spirit will keep you from indulging in the flesh 16-21

A. Walking by the Spirit or walking in the flesh v.16

B. Those who walk by the Spirit are in a battle 17-19

C. Walking by the Spirit will keep you from producing the fruit of the flesh 19-21a

D. Walking by the Spirit is walking toward your inheritance 21b

II. Walking by the Spirit will produce godly fruit in your life v.22-26

A. The fruit of the Spirit v. 22-23

B. Identification of Those who belong to Christ (have the Spirit, are saved) v. 24-26

III. Application:

A.   Be indwelt by the Spirit by repenting of your sin

B.   Walk by the Spirit every day

C.   Stay alert to the deceit of the desires of the flesh

D.  Stay focused on walking by the Spirit through your Christian journey


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