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Preparing for Change by Scott Davis

My wife and I would love to get away.  If we choose to go to the shore on a certain day that is one decision, but it requires that we make many others.  We need gas in the car, clothes packed, directions, money for food and housing, and not least of all someone to watch the dog.

Simple decisions often lead to many others.

A few weeks ago, our congregation affirmed the decision by the elders and deacons to move ahead with some projects.   Those decisions will lead to many others.  The decision to paint the sanctuary means we need to meet in the fellowship hall for a couple months.  Moving our worship services to the fellowship hall results in decisions about music. Purchasing chairs means we need to take out the pews and bless others with them.  It also means that we no longer need three services, because we can space chairs more easily and fit more people.  Lack of space for Sunday classes leads us to reschedule class times to free up space.  Lack of time in the worship service leads us to change our service times.  I think you can see how everything is connected.

The elders and staff have done our best to accommodate everyone.  We understand some people will not prefer some of the changes.  This is a work in progress, so your constructive comments can be helpful.  Below is a graphic showing when worship services, Sunday classes, and Junior Church will meet. Our purpose as a church is to glorify God by discipling our world for Christ.  We do that through outreach, worship, fellowship, training, and ministry.  Please be in prayer that we would be good stewards of what God has given as we continue serving Him.

Addendum by Pastor Steve

We will be making renovations to our Fellowship Hall and Auditorium (also called the Sanctuary). Time of services will remain the same in September (8:15, 9:30, and 10:45). Our last Sunday in our current Sanctuary will be on Sunday, September 26. We will start meeting for worship in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, October 3. The new schedule for Worship Services and Sunday Classes will start on 10/3/2021

We are hoping these changes will carry us into the future. The elders have talked and prayed and worked a lot to come up with a plan that would meet many needs and goals. Please join us in prayer as we seek the Lord for our future.

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