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November in God’s Word

by Barb Scoffone

Last month we had 35 women who met in small groups for 3 weeks to try out a new Bible study method and to prepare our hearts for Christmas before all the crazy sets in. 

Here are some of my highlights.

The READ Method (Record-Explore-Apply-Do) was simple to follow but led us to really dig into the passages. Looking for the main point, reading multiple times, and asking good application questions, led to lively dialogue around the tables.

In my afternoon small group, I enjoyed watching older and younger women compare answers and comment on each other’s insights! I personally loved two application questions, “What do you learn about God in this passage?” And “What do you want to remember from this study?”

Besides the READ Method and great discussions, the 3-week length was nice. More women could participate and connect. A special shout out to the 7 women who volunteered by putting in extra prep and training time. We couldn’t have small groups without small group facilitators!

Finally, Luke 1 was awesome. What do I want to remember (last question)?

  • All peoples need to look at Jesus and decide for themselves if he’s the Messiah.                 God set him up well with clues, connections, miracles, and prophecies that span many years. God is ready and prepared for seekers. 
  • While God does this HUGE thing to rescue the world, he also sees and cares for individuals, like an old barren couple. God is the ultimate multitasker!
  • God is laser focused on what is broken in the world.                                                                     He sees the marginalized, the poor, the humble, etc. 
  • Jesus’ birth ushers in JOY! The weary world rejoices. And so, do I. And so, do I. 

Stay tuned for another winter/spring mini-series using the READ Method in 2022!

Some quotes about the study:

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning a new method of Bible study and digging deeper into Luke 1 with other women of the church. Mary’s response and reflecting on God’s long-term plan to rescue His people are so compelling and encouraging to me. Loved having this time to learn and grow with other women and the Lord!” – Heather Haverstick

“There is so much I enjoyed about this study but specifically I liked the 3 week-commitment, it actually left me wanting more. I also loved being in the word with women of all generations and hearing how the passage impacted each of us. And lastly as I begin the advent season, there is so much I learned from studying Luke chapter 1 and truly making room in my heart for the King.”  – Amanda Norton

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