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Sermon Outline Feb 6, 2022

The End is Near?

Daniel 7


Give your full attention to trusting in the sovereignty of God.

1. God is in control of time – A vision of five kingdoms V.1

Past – prophecies of Babylon V.1

Present – Babylon (present for Daniel) V.2, 17, 18

Future – Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome V.5-8

Reminder The Ancient of Days supersedes all time – The

sovereign over all V.9-12

Fifth Kingdom: The Son of Man given authority over the fifth kingdom V.13-14

The four kingdoms repeated V.15-20

2. God is in control of bringing evil to an end V.21-27

He sets up and takes down

He will allow it only for so long

This little horn will make war with the saints

When the Ancient of Days comes, He will give judgement for the saints to rule

over the world

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