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Sermon Outline for April 24, 2022

A Majestic Prelude: Introduction to 7 Signs in the book of John

John 1:1–18

Jesus, who is God, existed before creation V.1-5

*He was involved in creation

*He was working in unison with God

*He is God

*He is the source of life on earth

*He is the source of light on a dark (evil) world

God prepared the way for the coming of Jesus V.6-9

*He sent a witness – John the Baptist

*John came to proclaim the coming of Jesus, the light

*John testified that Jesus, the source of life

Jesus came to earth V.10-13

*He was in the world

*The world was made through him

*The world did not know Him

*He went to His own and they did not know him,

*He went to His own but they did not receive Him

 **Those who believed, did receive Him

**They were born, but not of flesh or the will of man

*They were born of God

Jesus became a human for me  V.14-18

*Became flesh

*Lived among humans

*They saw His glory

*The glory that could only have been from God

*Begotten – God incorporated into flesh,

*He was filled with grace and truth

*This was all testified ahead of time by John the Baptist

*We have received grace from His fullness

*We received the law from Moses, but grace through Jesus

*He is the one to make God known since no person has ever seen God

Believe in Jesus, the God-man!

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