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Sermon Outline for May 8, 2022

The Glorious Christ!

John 2:13–25 (ESV)

The Sign of Jesus’ Authority

Setting – Jesus and His disciples go to Jerusalem for Passover  V.13

Conflict – Merchants were using the temple complex to make money V.14

Climax of tension – Jesus became angry and aggressive and drove them out.  V.15-16

  • See Malachi 3:1-3

Interlude – the disciples remembered – after the fact V.17

  • See Psalm 69:9


Jesus proved He has authority over this world through His resurrection. v.18-22

Conflict increases – Jesus was asked to give a sign of His authority V.18-21

Enjoying the outcome – The disciples remembered that Jesus had predicted His resurrection.  V.22

Conclusion: the disciples saw and believed in Jesus

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