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Sermon Outline for June 5, 2022

The Glorious Christ!

John 2:13–25 (ESV)

Sign #2 The sign of Jesus’ authority to demand worship

Part 2

Introduction: Jesus cleansing the temple

Main thought from last sermon: Jesus has the right to say how He wants to be worshiped.  He is God. Today I want to give some practical thoughts by answering the question “Why?”

Why worship?

  • Because of what it is

  • Because it shows obedience to God

  • Because God created ways to worship Him

  • Because it reflects truth

  • Because it is your spiritual requirement

Conclusion: Cain and Abel

The worship directed at our church is designed to bring glory to God.  Therefore, any form of worship we initiate must be doctrinally correct and full of meaning.  Any music used must not detract from the message of the song but it should be well done and aesthetically pleasing.

Respond to God’s call to worship!

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