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Sermon Outline for August 7, 2022

The Godly Person of Business, Psalm 112

The godly person of business worships God V.1

                 Praise the Lord

                 Fear the Lord

                 Greatly delight in the Lord’s commandments

The godly person of business conducts himself honorably

                 Gracious, merciful, righteous V.4

                 Generous with their money V.5

                 Conduct their affairs justly V.5

                 Doesn’t fret over investments V.7

                 Refuses to live in fear over money or business V.8

                 He distributes freely and gives to the poor V.9

The godly person of business is blessed by God

                Offspring mighty – They will be blessed V.1

                Wealth and riches are in his house – His righteousness endures forever V.3

                Light dawns in darkness for the upright V.4

                It goes well V.5

                He is remembered forever V.6

                His righteousness will not be moved V.6

                He will be remembered forever V.7

                His horn is exalted in honor V.9

                He will triumph over his adversaries V.8


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