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Sermon Outline for September 11, 2022

Listen to Wisdom

Provers 1:20-33

1. Listening to wisdom brings benefits

A. You will have wisdoms spirit poured out on you

B. Wisdom will give words to live by

C. You will live secure

D. You will be at ease

E. You will live without dread of disaster

2. Refusing to listen to Wisdom is equal to

A. Hating knowledge

B. Refusing to choose to fear the Lord

C. Not listening to Wisdom’s counsel

D. Despising reproof.

3. Refusing to listen to wisdom will bring disaster to your life

A. You will eat the fruit of your labor.  You will live with the consequences of your choices.

B. Wisdom will laugh

C. Wisdom will not answer in time of distress or need

D. You will be filled with disaster

Change is good! Choose to listen to wisdom.  Your decisions today are the paving stones for your future.

“Direction, not intention, defines your future.” Andy Stanley

What direction are you headed?



Some advice: avoid the activities and thinking of the mob




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