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Sermon Outline for October 16, 2022

Proverbs 3:1–12

Make Me Wise!

6 reasons you should seek wisdom

1. Seek wisdom because it brings a meaningful life v.1-2

    Wisdom: Accept God’s teaching and commandments

    Wisdom brings a full and meaningful life

2. Seek wisdom because it results in the favor of God & man v.3-4

    Wisdom: Remembering God’s blessings

    Wisdom brings the favor and success in the sight of God and man

3. Seek wisdom because it leads to a straight path v.5-6


    Trust God,

    Do not lean on your own understanding

    Acknowledge God in everything

    Wisdom brings God’s direction to your path

4. Seek wisdom because it promotes a healthy lifestyle v.7-8

    Wisdom – Don’t use your own, but instead fear the Lord

    Wisdom brings deep inner healing

5. Seek wisdom because it secures His blessing v.9-10

    Wisdom: Honor the Lord with what He has given you

    Wisdom brings plenty of food and drink

6. Seek wisdom because it demonstrates that He loves you v.11-12

    Wisdom: Do not despise God’s correction

    Wisdom provides correct actions

    Wisdom reminds you that God loves you

Conclusion: Living in God’s wisdom brings His blessing!




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