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Sermon Outline for November 27, 2022

Jesus is the answer!

Celebrate Jesus who is God! (Colossians 1:15-23)

 *  Sing of the Supremacy of Christ (15-20)

Jesus is Lord of the first creation (15-16)

-He is the image of the invisible God (15)

-He is the firstborn of all creation (15)

-He created all things (16)

He holds all things together (17-18a)

New creation (18-20)

-He is the beginning (18)

-He is the firstborn from the dead (18)

-He maintains the fullness of God (19)

-He is the one who reconciles all things to himself (20)

*  Respond to the Supremacy of Christ (21-23)

Remember who you once were (21)

Realize who you now are thru Jesus, the supreme one (22)

Live in the faith (23)

Faithfully live for Christ, the Supreme One!




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