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Sermon Outline for January 1, 2022

Resolve to be godly in 2023

1 Timothy 3:14–16

How humans have been enabled to live in godliness

Introduction v.14-15

Define the incarnation: To complete the biblical teaching about Jesus Christ, we must affirm not only that he was fully human, but also that he was fully divine. Although the word does not explicitly occur in Scripture, the church has used the term incarnation to refer to the fact that Jesus was God in human flesh. The incarnation was the act of God the Son whereby he took to himself a human nature. Grudem’s systematic theology

You can live godly in 2023 because of the accomplished work of Jesus v.16

1. Jesus came in the flesh – the incarnation


2. Vindicated in the spirit – The resurrection.  See also Romans 1:4, and 1 Peter 3:18


3. Seen by angels – Post resurrection appearances.  See also 1Corinthians 15:5-8, Colossians 2:15, and 1Peter 1:12


4. Proclaimed among the nations – the Mission of the church – see also Matthew 28:18-20


5. Believed on in the world – acceptance


6.  Taken up to glory  – the resurrection of Jesus

Resolve to live in godliness in 2023




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