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Social Justice and the Sanctity of Life

by Scott Davis Please pray for the Supreme Court this week as they consider a major abortion case. The Bible is our authority as a church. We believe that the Bible gives believers everything they need for faith and for practice. It has been a relevant [...]

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Randy Alcorn – A champion of human life

  One of my favorite Christian authors is Randy Alcorn.  He has been a faithful servant for many years and has some battle scars to prove it.  His writings reflect a love for human life both here on earth and in eternity.  My daughter recently [...]

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Our Church Leadership: Elders and Deacons

Our council at Central Manor is made up of two groups which make up the leadership.  They are Elders and Deacons.  While they each serve a different function, they both serve together as the council to accomplish God’s mission for the church. The elders are [...]

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Developing a vision #5. Guiding principles: A strategy for leading and interacting in the Church

Rules have a negative connotation.  They are restrictive and rigid.  Even though they come across that way they are necessary for every family and organization.  The rules keep people on track.  They can be a safety net and guide to church as well.  While we [...]

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Developing a Vision #4 Goals for reaching our objective

When developing a good philosophy of ministry it is essential to have a highest good, an objective, and goals to reach that objective.  To this point I have established that our highest good is to glorify God, and our objective is to glorify God by [...]

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Developing a Vision #3 – How do we glorify God through the church?

Discipline is a necessary part of successful living.  If a person is not disciplined they will be forced to attend the school of hard knocks.  They will gain wisdom if they learn in that schooling.  Discipline involves gaining useful information and committing to living by [...]

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Spiritual Care for the Sexually Broken

Last week several church leaders from our church attended a conference to help those who are sexually broken.  God created sex as a very good thing, but it has been twisted up into something it was never intended to be.  Those twisted ways always bring [...]

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