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Exciting new opportunites

In years past, a church’s effective reach was basically confined to the community in which they were located. However, we’ve seen a major change in communication in recent years. This year alone has forced many churches into the challenge of figuring out how to minister [...]

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Evangelism – a spiritual discipline

The Christmas season. The time of year when carols are sung, cards are sent, and presents are given and received. As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for some people anyway. Popular music, television shows, and movies about Christmas [...]

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Spiritual Discipline – Worship

Relationships are many things. No two are the same but all relationships have at least one thing in common. Relationships are “messy”. The closer the relationship the “messier” it is. More is expected and more is required. The closer the friendship, the more hurt a [...]

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Spiritual Disciplines – Scripture Intake

Most of us were required to take at least a year or two of a foreign language in school. Do you remember that? Some went on to study a foreign language for years, become fluent, and even major in the language in college. However, for [...]

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Communications Policy

In the spring of 2018 council approved a mass communications policy for our church. Though our committees and teams should already be aware of the policy, since they all were to read and sign consent that they had read and understand the policy, it is [...]

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