The church and Social Media: Hitting the reset button

Things change. It’s one thing we can all count on. When it comes to technology and social media, things change at a rapid pace. In the not so distant past a good number of people were seeing our posts. In their Facebook news feeds each week our posts were commonly included. It wasn’t uncommon for [...]

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Join us for worship (Part II)

Last time we started into uncovering what the core meaning of “worship” is, as it relates to our faith and congregational gatherings. 1 Peter 2:9 instructs that we, followers of Christ, are a chosen race, a royal priesthood. Many thoughts and images may come to mind when you hear the term priest. Many things come [...]

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Join us for worship (Part I)

In many of our experiences with the church today the word worship has come to mean many things. We use it as a generic term for a weekly church gathering when we say, “Join us for Sunday worship”. The term is used to refer to the musical portions of our gatherings. I’m sure you’ve heard [...]

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The wrong nail for this wrench

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you must eat without utensils? I’m not talking about a sandwich or corn on the cob or the like that you typically eat with your hands. I mean a food that is difficult if not impossible to eat in a civilized manner without the aid of [...]

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Best left to the professionals?

Most people enjoy watching a fireworks display. It’s difficult to get through the fourth of July without hearing or seeing at least one celebratory explosion. Modern displays are not only visually exciting but many shows are now matched and timed with some moving musical piece.  They truly are amazing spectacles. With the availability of many [...]

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