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Sermon Outline Jan 23, 2022

The Freedom of Humility 1 Corinthians 3:18 – 4:6 “The ego is that part of you that is engaged in self-justification.” (What is the Ego? Psychology Today) The Problem: Our egos drive us to justify ourselves.Pride is a pervasive problem.Responsible for divisionEvidenced by self-relianceRevealed in [...]

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Sermon Outline Jan 16, 2022

The end is near? Introduction: Daniel 7 Proposition: Give your full attention to trusting in the sovereignty of God. I.                   God is in control of time – A vision of five kingdoms V.1- A.               Past – prophecies of Babylon V.1 B.                Present – Babylon (present [...]

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Stewardship of God’s Resources

by Scott Davis I am thankful for all that God has done at Central Manor in 2021. Recently I have been thinking about our stewardship of money, time, and space. All three can be used like currency. Money and time are easily understood in this [...]

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Sermon Outline Nov 14, 2021

Jesus the First Missionary Big Idea: Jesus was the 1st _______________ sent by the Father and we should ____  ____  ____ . Five Reasons to be committed to global missions: 1. Jesus is our  _______________ . 2. H__________ is R__________ . 3. Jesus is the  __________  __________ . [...]

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Sermon Outline Oct 31, 2021

God is sovereign, stay faithful Daniel 6 The context/setting V.1-3 Conflict is presented as leaders conspired against Daniel V.4-9 The conflict intensifies with Daniel worshiping God V.10-15 Things go from bad to worse with Daniel being thrown into the lions den V.16-18 Resolution comes with [...]

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