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Administrative Secretary

A) Position Description:

The Administrative Secretary will serve as a receptionist and coordinator in the church office, while providing administrative, secretarial and financial accounting support for the church staff, leadership, ministry teams, and congregation.  The position may be shared by more than one person, in which case one person would be appointed to coordinate responsibilities and tasks with the other. 

B) Qualifications for the Position:

     (1)    Must profess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

     (2)    Must consider this position as one of ministry unto the Lord and the local church body.

     (3)    Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

     (4)    Must maintain a positive attitude and healthy working relationship with all church staff and members.

     (5)    Must be trustworthy and able to handle confidential information appropriately.

     (6)    Must be competent with word processing and able to learn necessary computer skills.

     (7)    Must be able to learn and work with our church financial accounting system.

     (8)    Must be organized, self-motivated, and willing to learn.

     (9)    Preferable to be a member or regular attender of Central Manor Church.

C) Responsibilities of the Position:

     (1)    Serves as receptionist with visitors, phone calls, and email to the church office.

     (2)    Carries out word processing activities such as bulletins, newsletters, correspondence, reports, agendas, minutes, directories, brochures, and other special projects.

     (3)    Oversees communication with the church family through email, phone tree, mailboxes, mailings, bulletin boards, webpage, etc.

     (4)    Maintains church records such as attendance, member and visitor information.

     (5)    Serves as backup for other office staff, including any other administrative secretary.

     (6)    Oversees maintenance and stocking of office equipment and supplies.

     (7)    Coordinates the church calendar and use of the church facilities.

     (8)    Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

D) Hours, Salary, and Terms of Employment:

     (1)   Up to 40 hours per week, although this may be divided between two individuals, with no more than 30 hours per week for one individual. (current need is approximately 15-20 hours per week)

     (2)    Preferred work hours would fall between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, but exceptions may be considered.

     (3)    Employment shall be for an indefinite term at an hourly rate approved by the church leadership.

     (4)    Up to four weeks of unpaid time off annually as requested.

     (5)    30 days notice shall be required to dissolve the employment relationship.

E) Accountability for the Position:

     (1)    Coordination between the office staff will be carried out by one appointed to that role.

     (2)    Accountability will be directly to the Senior Pastor and ultimately to the church leadership.

Qualified applicants can submit information to the church office at

Before submitting your information for consideration please review our doctrinal statements and governing documents.

“What we believe” and our Constitution and Bylaws can be found here.